Old will take over Mos, don’t plan to retire.The 35-year-old old man will join the Santana Moss believe that he can find new east before the training camp. Moss said in an interview: “I am free player now, you all know the team’s attitude towards the veteran. I will enter your career in the 15th year, my broker is still in contacting some teams. Although some disappointed But I still enjoy the current life. I will not choose to retire. “

If you think from the team’s development perspective, give up Murray means that the next season needs to continue to draft running guards, but in 2015, it is destined to be a scarce running guard, and Dallas’s draft sign is only the second round and third rounds.

Moss is the 36-year-old Moss this year, and the New York jet and Washington red skin. Last season, he just got 133 offensive opportunities, completed 10 batches, and pushed 116 yards. Another old Michael Vick hopes that you can show yourself based on your union, but the team is interested in this interest.

“It was very honored to serve me in this excellent association,” Vali Prete said, “In the past 15 years, I am constantly struggling to protect the rights and interests of members, I am deeply proud of this. But also It’s time, it’s also the time to retreat, let the more young people come to me. “

When the new England patriots last Friday, there was no development of Newton and teammates. Newton almost fills the first half (replacement Derrik Anderson only completed one time after the advancement was transferred again) and the third section of the time, the panther was only hit by a shot during the 10th promotion of Newton leaders, “Hao Take 3 points. Promoting the score conversion rate is only 10%, and each advancement can only get 0.3 points.

Pita in a healthy state has always been a bolt target trusted by Joe Flacco. Pita is one of the most comprehensive players in the crow offensive group. He not only performs well in the ball, but also contributes to the team in the opening and pass protection. For crows, Pita can pay a certain extent to a certain extent to a certain extent. For pita, he also needs more opportunities to prove yourself.

Jeff, President of NFL Referee Association, resignedThe NFL Coach Association announced that the original President Jeff Triplette resigned retired. Tony Steratore will take the opportunity to become a new chairman.

“This is not so nervous.” Cam-Newton said, “But it is a good exercise, our opponent is quite good. You know, those who have good education are very ignorant. This is (this is It is not good to express the fundamental reason. Anyway, we will definitely be better than this. I am still very happy for this game. Although I lost I am not happy, we know that we are not good enough. We will be better. of.”

Before the draft, the red skin has been open to Moss, but as the team is selected from the fourth round of the fourth round from Duke University, Jamison Crowder, and 6th In the case of Ivan Spencer from Ohio State University, the team also got a door to Moss.

The denim salary of the sniper season is $ 40 million, and the salary is only $ 1 million, considering the situation of Brest and Murray, it will be a person who will become a free market. The next lunar season Dallas is bound to lay off, to ensure that the salary space is sufficient, and it is a big problem for Jerry Jones.

Cowboy does not have enough salary space to leave MurrayAs Dallas Denim News explodes them will take over DEZ BRYANT to use the privilege label, it seems that the team will be increasingly impossible to keep running Guard Marker – Murray.

Mai Ju has always been a good quadruple, but his problem is that it is difficult to stay health. In the two seasons of the effectiveness Brown, McCahn completed 9 first hair, and won the 6 times of 6 times.

Well, ok, right. This is not the preseason game. The third episode is often considered to be a practice of regular season, but it is not a big thing. This defeat is not in the record. But if the black panther offensive group can recover, will the rule will be very wonderful? Of course! But they really don’t need trouble.

Crow close to the end: I hope to return to the stage next season.Baltimore Crow Cloud Dennis Pitta has bid farewell to the season because of the hips injury in the past two seasons. The 29-year-old bishler said in the recent interview that he hopes to return to the game next season, but everything is still unknown.

The new Xiu 4-point Swan Kescer is admirable when replacing Maiju’s appearance. Brown may see Kasler, but he has not yet passed the brain volatile inspection process and determined that it would not play the next game. Kasler served as the first time Brown 5 wins and 5 losses but completed 66.9% pass, and 4 times a pass of 1 passed. The first wave of the first wave of Kasler is very bad but he completes the rebound very well.

Kam – Newton is evacuated for himself: it is not a prenatal season.The last year of the 2015 season, Kam-Newton did not bear the name of Superman, and won the most valuable players of nfl Jerseys. He led the Carolina Black Leopard with alliance offensive, Newton, also took 45 more than the run. Newton’s offensive efficiency is also a number of seconds, 7.1% of the promotion, allowing him to jump homemade DAB to celebrate DAB in the end area. In addition, Newton will advance the 7.1 yard each time. At the same time, the panther’s 42.9% advanced can be converted, and each advancement has received 2.40 points, and it will not be reached in the alliance.