At five hours, battery life isn’t fantastic, but the earbud charging case does give you three extra charges. At $30, they’re a bargain, with larger 10mm drivers than the 6mm found on the similarly priced Tranya T3. For a few bucks more, you can also check out the Tranya T10. 

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Buying for someone who prefers full-size headphones? Priced at around $30, the Tribit XFree Tune have long been our . But there’s now an even cheaper model, the XFree Go, that we’ve seen for as little as $21. At the lower price, you get plusher, more comfortable ear pads, Bluetooth 5.0 and 24 hours of battery life, and a 10-minute charge gives you four hours of playback time. The sound is a little more bass-forward than that of the Tune, but at this price, it’s really hard to complain about what you’re getting.

‘We love her very much and agree that it is so important that she does what is right for her mental health and well-being. We are still very much enjoying our Little Mix journey and the 3 of us are not ready for it to be over. 

Key-fob entry systems at Facebook’s main campus in Menlo were also disabledd, meaning those who had been working from home and rushed back to the office could not get inside while those already inside were unable to access conference rooms and other areas that required a pass.


The Lenovo Smart Clock has long been among one of our favorite “cheap but good” smart home devices when it’s on sale (this season, the price seems to be hovering around $40). But if you want to save even more, the new Smart Clock Essential opts for something of a dumbed-down monochrome screen, but this device still delivers the time, temperature and weather, along with full access to Google’s voice assistant. The USB-A port in the rear makes it easy to charge devices on your bedside table, too.

‘I thought I wasn’t the type who believed in divorce. I go to church and I got married thinking I would be with that person for the rest of my life. But things happen for a reason and, whatever that reason is, I’ve now got my three kids.” 

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Misspap clear pointed mules (now reduced to £24)

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True story: In my collegiate days, 3.5-inch floppy disks were a thing, and they stored a whopping 1.44 megabytes of data on them. This flash drive costs under $21, and it stores 128GB, the equivalent of almost 89,000 of those floppy disks. This model sports both USB-A and USB-C connectors, so it’ll work with any computer out there as well as newer iPad Pro and Mini models.

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There are plenty of cheap smart plugs out there, but the TP-Link Kasa HS105 is our . This plug converts any lamp in the dorm or home into one that’s voice-controlled via Alexa or Google Assistant. Plus this gadget’s trim design leaves the second outlet open for business. (If you’re only connecting low-wattage devices like table lamps, note that you can grab a two-pack of the step-down HS103 for the same price.) Buying gifts for someone with a Siri-powered smart home? Opt for the Belkin WeMo Smart Plug instead.


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Roku’s most affordable 4K streamer has a list price closer to $40, but it seems to be perpetually on sale for $29 to $30 more often than not. Despite the tiny size — and price — this model delivers all of your 4K streaming needs and pretty much every streaming service under the sun. If it’s not under $30 right now, just check back — it will be again soon.

Well, I just remember obviously the first time, so obviously I’d taken an overdose. I went into hospital and then I had a music video like a week after’ (pictured with bandmates Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Perrie Edwards and Jade Thirlwall in 2015)

‘There is, kolkata call girls unfortunately, kolkata call girls a considerable number I wish to express to the victims my sadness and pain for aerocity indore escorts the trauma they have suffered,’ Francis said during his weekly audience at the Vatican on Wednesday. 

Heartbreaking: Jesy announced her departure from the group one year after filming a BBC documentary Jesy Nelson: Odd One Out, in which she revealed she had attempted to take her own life after years of relentless trolling and abuse (pictured on her documentary Odd One Out)