McClin has played for Emirates and crows in the past few seasons, and he signed a 5-year contract with the chief in 2015, but it was cut two years later. In the 2017 season, McClin played in the crow and was sick in March of the following year. Due to the injury of the leg glute, Macilllin did not participate in the team in the 2018 season.

McLeen is the first round show in the eagle in 2009, for the Tempers for six years, the tactical status is second only to Destan Jackson and Lesean McCoy, Accepting Michael Victor ( Michael Vick) and Nick Foles’ ball, data ranking the eagle outside the team’s history. He completed 343 bolts in Philadelphia, promoted 4771 yards, reached 36 times.

Americas, new defensive cututs, Dulaus, still shocked by trading.In 7 minutes, Marcell Dareus has been shocked, unbearable and sad of these words to describe the feelings he traded to Jacksonville America.

Eagle running Wickens Pulls match reimbursement has been depictedThe eagle runs Daren – Sprull Sproles, on the Sunday, I was injured in the morning, and the report on Sunday said that his arm fracture.

The Srülles match is reimbursed, and it will be a problem. He will be 34 years old, he said before he exposed the heart of retirement after the 2017 season. These two major injuries are also a major obstacle that he continued his career.

“I haven’t slowed yet,” Daolus said. “I am still very shocking. I shocked myself to be traded. I shocked this defense, this team … I am still digesting these things. This only three days, only three days.”

There is still someone cares about his finger problem, but there seems to be no one cares about his own psychological problems. Famous Player Ronnie Lott is very understood by Pierll Paul, and the left hand of Lott is removed in 1986. Telling his personal experience is such a for Pierll Paul: “When the doctor gave me the gauze, I think: What is this? I have never forgotten that moment, I just sit Tell yourself: I looked like an ET person. For Pierll Paul, he will learn how to play, how to control his hand. This is different from it. “

Everett Brown to talk about the team’s offense: Our badCleveland Browns this week, suffered a reversal, the final 24-25 loss to the Indianapolis Colts. Brown’s worst offensive performance of the group, the proximal feng Jordan after the game – Cameron (Jordan Cameron) also talked about this.

The latest member of this Jirai said that he felt that the team may be in consultation but he continued to prepare for Buffalo Burl. When he was informing yourself to be traded to the American tiger, things began to develop very quickly.

“Some unbearable,” Daolus said. “I realize that something will happen but at the same time, I am preparing for the game. We have developed the game plan. I am training all weeks. I am concentrated training efforts to remove negative ideas. When I received a call and then a series When things happened, I don’t want to lie, let me feel a little sad because I know this is one-way ticket for Zhang (going to Jacksonville). “

Daankus is not completely unfamiliar with the Jagu. The Joji Doug Sig – Malone (Doug Marrone) and offensive coordinator Neathaniel Hackett coached Bill during 2013 to 2014. Assistant Anti-Squatting Coach Jason Rebrovich at the time is the quality control / assistant defensive front line coach at the time of Bill.

“The things are very fast, I have already reached Charlotte when I haven’t responded, and I will get a greeting of Jacksonville and coach, and all these things think when all these things happen. & mdash; the world is too fast. Trading, set a plane, participate in the cocktail party, go to the stadium, say hello, leave, come to the hotel room lying in bed to watch the ceiling: What happened? “

Cameron said: “We need to carefully study the video, find the problem, but I know that we are bad now every game is very critical, we can not stand still…” Brown’s defense team performance in this game to make everyone satisfied, their quarterback Andrew pony – Clark (Andrew Luck) completed 13 hit, and off the ball by making steals and scored 14 points.

10 minutes left in the game, security guard Jim Brown – Leonhardt (Jim Leonhard) complete steals, helping the team to attack at a distance of 23 yards at the other side. At this point, if Brown touchdown, we will get 9-point lead. But in the end quarterback Brian – Heuer (Brian Hoyer) consecutive passes fail, they can only kick rewrite the game 24-19. It also provides an opportunity for the colt to reverse the score.

Latest news shows that Brown is likely to enable rookie quarterback Johnny in the next game – Man Zeer (Johnny Manziel). The last three weeks left in the regular season, Brown If you want to stand out in the competitive American League, the attack must be resolved as soon as possible. Replace the quarterback might be a good choice.

Now, Dhalus needs to step up the defensive system of learning the Jagua and figure out which position is best for you. The anti-running capabilities of the Jenan Tiger are ranked in the alliance (the field makes the opponent’s 138.6 yards). The reason why Dhalus’s transaction is a big news because he is the ability of the inner rushing hand but he is also one of the best defensive cuts.